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Operating & Maintenance

Marine platforms or Offshore drilling platforms are complex structures used in the oil and natural gas industry to drill and extract hydrocarbons from the seabed.

Rig Service has over 20 years of experience in the operation, maintenance and current repairs of offshore production and drilling platforms. We carry out maintenance and repairs for any type of equipment and installations located on the drilling platforms with teams of professionals of the highest level.

Equipment maintenance

Operation of drilling platforms


Commercial Diving

RIG SERVICE can provide a high-quality commercial diving service, all done with professionalism and safety. We are guided by the principles of efficiency and seriousness in all our activities, regardless of the complexity or scale of the projects carried out.

Work performed can range from water hole plugging and sealing works or underwater search and recovery of objects, to underwater cutting and welding, underwater cleaning/sanding, etc. Also, our company can offer you other services in the onshore and offshore industry such as: underwater measurements, underwater inspections with filming and photography in real time, repairs, assembly, maintenance and cleaning of specialized equipment.

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Professional complex works

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Predictive and corrective maintenance

RIG SERVICE offers specialized services through its own workshops and laboratories.

Our team offers complex services in fields related to the offshore oil industry and beyond. Our specialists in non-destructive control, relay protection, electrical automation and measurements, vibrodiagnosis or cold technology cover a wide range of tests and works ensuring elements of predictive and corrective maintenance.

Equipment maintenance

PRAM laboratory


Non-destructive testing

The non-destructive testing laboratory allows the evaluation of the integrity of the components and the identification of possible problems in the early stages.

Nondestructive testing (NDT) using a wide group of analysis techniques used to evaluate the properties of a material, thickness, component, welded joints, etc. without causing damages, made under direct supervising of RIG SERVICE SA NDT Laboratory authorized by Germanischer Lloyd, ISCIR, ANR. NDT is a highly-valuable technique that can save both money and time in product evaluation, troubleshooting, and research. Used NDT methods include:

  • ultrasound control (thickness measurements, defectoscopy);
  • magnetic particle control;
  • control with liquid penetrant.


PRAM laboratory

The PRAM Laboratory (protection through relays, automation and electrical measurements). The laboratory is certified type B by A.N.R.E. and ANR based on existing facilities and authorized electrical personnel.


Repairs, adjustments and checks are carried out in the laboratory for: maximum current relays, minimum current relays, maximum voltage relays, minimum voltage relays, thermal relays, power relays, JT and IT automatic circuit breakers, reverse power, signaling relays, time relays, trip coils of low-voltage switches with high breaking capacity, power transformers, current-measuring transformers, voltage-measuring transformers, low-voltage cables, busbars, insulators, automation circuits and remote controls, direct and alternating current electric generators; any power, voltage < 1 k, direct current and alternating current electric motors with voltages < 1 kV, reactor coils, earth plugs, measuring the dielectric strength of the oil.



Vibrodiagnosis involves the use of vibrations to detect possible defects or problems with machinery and equipment.

By using sensors and vibration measuring equipment, abnormalities in the behavior of machinery and equipment can be detected, such as excessive vibration, noise and other signs of wear and tear. These signs can then be analyzed to determine the causes of problems and take the necessary corrective action. This technique can be used to assess the integrity of various machine components such as bearings, gears, bearings and more.

One of the important advantages of vibration diagnostics is that it can be used to monitor the condition of machines and equipment in real time. This allows problems to be identified and preventive measures taken before they become serious and lead to costly failures.


Cold technology laboratory (Refrigeration)

Our specialists provide services for the installation and configuration of refrigeration systems, performing checks and preventive maintenance, diagnosing and solving problems with the operation of refrigeration systems, replacing defective components and performing repairs.

SC RIG SERVICE SA provides installation, repair and maintenance services for air conditioning equipment for industrial and residential use, refrigeration installation for refrigerated cold rooms, refrigerated produc storage or frozen produc storage.

  • Installation, maintenance and repair of freezing technique equipments (stationary or mobile refrigeration equipment);
  • Loss detection – tightness control cf (CE) 1516/2007;
  • Recovery / reuse of refrigerationg agent cf. (CE) 303 / 2008 and (CE) 1005/2009.


Increasing efficiency

The maintenance methods applied in order to achieve our objectives are: preventive maintenance, based on time and planning; predictive maintenance, based on direct measurements; proactive maintenance, using equipment history, specific measurements and planned recordings over time.

The main goal is to reduce costs by increasing efficiency and quality, which is reflected in the time between two repairs. In general, predictive maintenance is intended for the most important equipment in technological installations, with a critical role in operation, the so-called key equipment.

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