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hyCLEANER robot for cleaning photovoltaic systems


hyCLEANER solarROBOT ® este specialistul pentru curățarea sistemelor fotovoltaice exterioare și a sistemelor de acoperiș. Mașina poate fi asamblată fără unelte și este gata de utilizare în doar câțiva pași simpli. Autodrive integrat cu sistem de menținere a benzii de rulare și control al vitezei de croazieră permite mașinii să conducă independent peste panouri. Siguranța pe primul loc: Datorită detectării muchiilor standard cu senzori de protecție împotriva căderii, hyCLEANER® _automat la atingerea marginii panoului solar.

With the solar cleaning robot, a quick cleaning result is possible – compared to manual solar cleaning up to five times faster.

  • Minimal water consumption, as water is only used during cleaning.
  • Service-friendly and low-maintenance design hyCLEANER solarROBOT ®-concept.
  • Environmentally safe: optimal cleaning results without the addition of chemical additives and cleaning agents.

Photovoltaic systems are most efficient when they are clean. Depending on the location, PV systems become more or less polluted by external influences such as dust, sand, pollen, ammonia, leaves or bird droppings and sometimes significantly limit the performance of the system, which can lead to economic losses.

However, PV cleaning presents great challenges for some system operators. Cleaning large surfaces with conventional hand cleaning devices is very time consuming for large systems and cannot be implemented either for time or economic reasons. With a suitable semi-automatic photovoltaic cleaning device, the physically demanding work is relieved from you and will bring you the best results in a short time. With our hyCLEANER ® SOLAR facelift and hyCLEANER solarROBOT ® machines we offer you the possibility to perform photovoltaic cleaning quickly, easily and efficiently using radio control or automation.

Photovoltaic systems are continuously exposed to the weather. While exposure to the sun is a welcome gift, dust, pollen and moss build-up create pollution. Even the smallest and selective contamination of individual cells from leaves or bird droppings can significantly reduce the performance of solar systems due to their series connection. Because the weakest module determines the overall performance, there is a significant performance drop and associated reduced yields and losses of up to 30%. In addition, long-term damage to the coating and sealing of the system can be caused.

Regular cleaning with a suitable machine can ensure the maximum efficiency of the solar system at all times with the proper exposure to the sun, and the expected lifetime can be finally achieved.



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